koleni (koleni) wrote in 1on1challenge,

late update...almost the end of the month!

At some point I started saying my goal was 800 minutes of running...which seemed like a lot, so I went back and checked.  Here it is again:

My pledge for this month: 170 min/week running (4 weeks + 3 days, so how about a round 700 minutes). One strength session/week (on Saturday's, probably, so 5 sessions in March).

Here's my results thus far...

Running: 646 minutes

Strength: 3 sessions...

I'm not sure what to say about the strength...I've been doing some off and on at the gym, but I was only going to count the times I did my strength training video.  So...maybe I'll call it 3.5 just to be generous!

I'm leaving on vacation on Saturday, so we'll see how much more I get in.  I think I can manage 55 minutes between today and tomorrow!  At least I'll get pretty close to the running goal.  The strength training goal looks kinda lost.  Sigh.
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