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End of the month check in

Hey folks. All of a sudden it's the end of the month... where did the time go?

Please comment to this post with what your final totals for the month are.
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1009/1400min: 72.1%
I didn't eat 5 servings of fruit or veggies 3 days this month
I'll post mine later when I go to the gym today
38.9/50=77.86% I don't have the energy to go to the gym today, I'm too tired, stupid school. I'm so tired, I'm sick
598/570 minutes!! 105%
3/20 miles ...Not too much time on the treadmill 15%
I suck. I have no clue. I think I got to the gym like, twice?

Life just sorta kicked my ass this month. Sorry.
It's okay. Life just kicks all of our asses at some point. No worries - going for April?
775/1400 minutes of exercise: 55.36%
2435/3100 ounces of water: 78.55%

Average: 66.96%

I think you beat me, Kate.
700/1000 minutes= 70%

I think I made a bit of an unrealistic goal being that the first half of the month I was swamped with midterms and the second half I was swamped with 3 essays. I could have done it had I used my time properly, but I did negative things to relieve my stress instead of positive things like working out :P

Congrats zoegirl, you definately won! By a lot!
26.2 miles/45 miles =58.2% :( I realized about half way in that setting my goal for one kind of exercise wasn't going to work it for me. Much love to my wonderful partner, walkstrong though...! Most of what I did get done was because she's so very motivating!
Aww Thanks. For a while tho when I realized that you were ahead of me, that's what got my ass in gear and got me that far.
Running Goal: 700 minutes
Total: 706 minutes

Strength Goal: 5 sessions
Total: 4.5

Total increase from February (esp. strength which was close to zero!), and it didn't seem that hard...but I didn't meet my goal, totally. Still happy with it, though.