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April matches plus March results

April buddies: (We'll give this another go... I liked the buddy system too!)

1) trishepherd (1000min) and spooky_lemur (1100min, 15 miles/hour on the bike, and bringing her lunch)
2) smaller__curves (850min) and walkstrong (16 workouts this month)
3) ne_pas (700min) and stregadelsol (13 gym trips)
4) koleni (700min, fruits and veggies, and strength) and trim150(350min)

Good luck this month, guys! Try to post your progress here every week so the rest of us can cheer you on!

March results behind the cut. I've cut out any teams that didn't report back. Winner is bolded.

1) trishepherd VS. healthyloser
2) allykat VS. wendye
4) atthemariinsky VS. zoe_me
5)dasani_romani VS.hyper_babie987
9) koleni VS. carriedale
12) stregadelsol VS. enidwenever (?)
13)knolby VS. spooky_lemur
14) walkstrong VS.ne_pas

First off, congrats to everyone who stuck with it this month! Good job! Extra-special congrats to the "winners" and super special congrats to hyper_babie987 who did over 100% on her target minutes for March. Yay everyone!
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