koleni (koleni) wrote in 1on1challenge,

may have to throw this month out...

Running goal: 700 minutes...
Thus far: 107 minutes (15%)

Food goal: 5x5, 5 fruits and veggies/day, and 5 DIFFERENT veggies/week. At least.
Thus far: 5 days of 5 fruits and veggies (of 14 days thus far, so 35%), and 2 weeks of 5 diff veg (50%)

Strength goal: 4 sessions (1/full week)
Thus far: 1/2 session (13%)...I'm counting yoga as a half.

To make it simpler, I'm just going to add and average.  I think it's too many goals!!!

28.2% of the way to my goal, with half the month gone...hm...and some of these I can't make up!  Ah well.  Spring break threw me.  These things happen.  Live and learn and all that!
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