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Welcome to our community! Here's how things work!

- Around the beginning of each month, the maintainer posts a "Join up" post for the coming month. You comment to be included, with the pledge you're making.
- After a set deadline, the maintainer will pair you up with another challenger who you'll go head to head with for the month.
- Once you know who you're challenging, you should get together and figure out what you want the stakes to be (if any)
- Each week, post your progress on your goals so we can all keep track and give you encouragement. Progress will be determined by percentage completion. So, if you've pledged to run 60 miles for the month and you have run 30 miles so far, you're at 50%
- At the end of the month, the maintainer will determine who won out of each pair and then post the results

Quick percentage calculation refresher:
Percentage = what you've finished divided by what you've pledged, times 100.

Monthly pledges can be many different things. You could pledge distance in one or more disciplines, or time spent, or number of healthy meals eaten, or amount of water drank per day. This community is basically a vehicle to help motivate you to whatever goals you choose.

Examples of stakes: sending something from your hometown, a post declaring bragging rights, a cool book... basically whatever you agree on.

- Pledge realistically. If you're running 25 miles a week on average, pledging to run 25 miles this month is low-balling it and is a bit unfair. It's called a challenge for a reason!
At the same time, don't pledge unrealistically high numbers either. If you've never swam a day in your life and you're pledging 8000 yards for the month, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.
- Be excellent to one another. Your competitor is your new friend, not your enemy. You're working as a team to motivate each other to your goals. Keep it positive, please. This is a somewhat silly internet thing. Keep it in perspective.
- If you don't think you'll have time to really work on your goals, don't pledge for the month.

If you're into progress tickers:
Ticker Factory has some neat things. To edit a ticker you already created, just click on it and it will let you.

Maintainer: trishepherd